Decks & Fences

Other deck and fence renovation businesses in Kansas City simply do not offer the same level of personable and convenient service, and we hope to exceed your expectations on your next deck remodel or new fence project.

Decks & Fences in Kansas City

Are you looking for a way to make your back yard more attractive? Do you want to impress guests and friends with a brand new, beautiful brick staircase leading directly up to your front door? Do you survey your yard thinking about every aspect you’d like to change? The outside of your house is noticed by everyone, and despite the mess in the kitchen, strangers and guests will definitely be the first to notice lustrous new additions to your home. Maybe you want easier access to the side gate from your back door and would like to install a walkway in the yard. Maybe you want a cleaner, more beautified back porch area for cooking out with family and friends. Or maybe you want a new front door frame to warmly welcome guests into – but you aren’t sure how to even go about starting large scale projects like these.

At DSW Contracting, we work tirelessly to meet all your home renovation needs. Our business has specialized in home remodeling in Kansas City, and our pros know their stuff. For any outer home remodeling, fences, decks, landscaping renovations, or outdoor construction projects, let DSW eliminate the stress of mapping out every minute detail of your renovation idea. Our certified specialists know home improvement inside and out, and they are ready and willing to help you make the best decision for your home, and for your wallet.

Having been the leading deck and fence renovators in KC for many years, you can be confident that you are getting the most for every dollar you spend. Our teams of architectural and engineering experts can design any outdoor household construction or renovation project you can think of. With just a single zero obligation meeting with one of our representatives, you can get started today! If you desire to inlay a new deck of pristine white concrete around your pool, DSW can be there. If you want to construct a foyer where your back porch used to be, complete with screened walls and a chimney, we will be there. The options do not end here, either. Home beautification, landscaping, and décor advising are all absolutely quality services that DSW can offer excellent results in.